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Becoming a DAREDVL ambassador is currently an application process. 

To become a Diablo you must demonstrate your commitment to excellence and your drive toward perfection.

Filling out our interest form is the first step, being contacted and accepted is next. Along with the monetary payouts listed above, ambassadors or athletes see other bonuses, such as exclusive apparel deals, social media content, and personal representation of their stories.


Let's put it simple.

Here's how the ambassador program works in terms of primary benefits:

You (the ambassador) will sign up on our ambassador program page. You'll make an account and set up your info. Once you're in the system, we'll verify on our end. Within 24 hours you'll be ready to go.

All you need to do is place your custom discount code and/or link in your social media pages, share on your feed, or however you choose to promote your portal.

Once those sales start coming in through your link or use your code at checkout, you'll see your balance rise in your portal.

What's your balance?

It's exactly that. A balance of your funds raised through your hard earned effort.

Simply withdraw those funds to your PayPal account and get back to the gym, because we only allow hard workers into our family.

But here's the catch...


It's not for everyone, but it certainly could be for you.

If you think representing a brand built 'Beyond Ordinary' was a calling of yours, give it a shot. 

So what are you waiting for...

Register Now.