"The purpose of life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others."

- Albert Schweitzer 

As a military-founded and operated organization, DAREDVL stands in proud support of our nation's military heroes and their families. Our brand is a testament to the importance of commitment and sacrifice, embodying the values of the brave men and women who serve in the armed forces.

At DAREDVL, we understand that our freedoms and opportunities come at a great cost, and it is our duty to give back to those who have selflessly served our country. That's why we are dedicated to supporting military members and their families through charitable causes.

For every purchase made, a portion of the proceeds is donated to organizations that make a positive impact on the lives of military members and their families. Additionally, our customers have the opportunity to round up their purchases to make an even bigger impact. This optional feature puts the responsibility of donation on us, allowing our customers to feel good about their purchase knowing that they are contributing to a greater cause.

As a shopper at DAREDVL, you have the power to make a difference in the lives of those who have served our country. Your purchase goes beyond just buying a product; it's an investment in the well-being of our military heroes and their families. Join us in making a positive impact on their lives and show your appreciation for their sacrifices.

Some of the organizations supported by our charitable efforts include:

Veterans of Foreign Wars Foundation

Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation

Operation Support Our Troops

America National Veterans Foundation