Philosophy Matters.

DAREDVL Athletics. The name DAREDVL stems from the term "Daredevil" which means someone addicted to the relentless pursuit of new experiences. Going beyond the ordinary construct of "day to day" life means taking in new growth, new challenges, and embracing the best and worst parts within your own life.

This particularly applies to the philosophy of athletics. Challenge is part of what makes us human. Taking on risk, and accepting the danger to go beyond the safety of the status quo makes us daredevils. 

When we seek to embrace and display the concept of being greater than the status quo, we remind ourselves that those who internalize and take pride in excellence are those who are confident yet humble about their craft.

We embrace that concept with the structure of our brand. Every product we aim to design confidently displays our message and informs those around that we know who we are. DAREDVL doesn't need to be shouted in someone's face. When we understand excellence we believe if we have the capacity to be great, it will be recognized on it's own. 

If you have the capability to stand out, among struggle, tribulations, and challenges, the most important thing to do is remain humble. Continue forward. Because excellence doesn't stop when you feel excellent. It is a constant journey. A pursuit, toward a greater end state.

Our Battle Cry.

We invite you, from our brand to your closet, to join our community. The clothing we make targets those who intrinsically feel the capacity for excellence, but more importantly, invites anyone along who wants to achieve an end state out of the ordinary. 

Doing the hard thing isn't easy. We understand. It's a struggle. But one we happily embrace. And more importantly, we know we're not doing it alone. Our greatest strength is those around us. Whether working directly with each other or taking inspiration, we always gain from the experiences of others.

Join our community. Take a leap of faith. Most importantly, embrace the DAREDVL within.