DAREDVL was founded on the basis of "Beyond Ordinary." That concept has become engrained in our design and embodied in our brand presence. On social media, in the gym, and in the lab, we're constantly breaking barriers set by the fashion and athleisure community as well as within our own standards.

It's not easy.

In fact, it never has been.

Struggling through the first couple designs made our brand what it is, and continuous testing backed by a spirit of never settling for the ordinary.

The first design concepts went through five main design steps.

1. Basic Design Sketch: We created a basic sketch to allow the fundamentals of the product to be idealized and formed, including length, paneling, and text placement.

2. Technical Design Sketch: This was comprised of adding additional necessities in the product, such as added stitching, mesh replacement for breathability, stress testing through material strength, and fundamental changes not captured by the initial sketch.

3. Tech Pack: Putting the basic technicalities together, we came forward with a basic technical design package or "tech pack" as known in the industry which effectively captured the design changes we wanted included, turning our idea into a formalized on paper reality.

4. Making It Real: With our Tech Pack comprised, we manufactured our first official garments, and after anxious weeks of waiting, had the design exactly as pictured in the Tech Pack. After receiving our real, tangible shirts for the first time, we put them to the test, allowing various athletes to try, perform, and give feedback on their performance in our model clothing. 

5. Perfection: Taking the feedback and our personal inspection, we went through two more design concepts before allowing a final Tech Pack sent through to be produced. Coming in, we knew our first supplied products would be exactly how we wanted the customer to experience them, far well beyond ordinary.

This process was not as simple as one to five. We had to design the entire process for creating and revamping designs as well as improving the product as well. This was hard work, and our staff worked tirelessly on coming up with their best effort. Since the first release, designs have been improved, with expected 2.0 versions of our initial FIERCE collection to be released early 2022. 

Learning is key to becoming better. In the gym, in the work place, in our family. DAREDVL embodies grit, effort, and perfection in everything we work toward. We're still pursuing perfection in our everyday work and have added steps in our design process to expand quality and durability, as well as comfort. Modeling through 3D software, advanced research techniques, and customer feedback consists of new additions that allow our products to perform even more optimal and allow us pride in our work.

More is soon to come, but just as the mindset for greater success takes an athlete to greater levels, we strive to create a more innovative design process and improve the way we function and the clothing we create. In the end, its about creating something that works, and we rely on our standards to ensure that our work is achieving greater limits and standards, setting a true standard for being beyond ordinary.