The Founders' Community is a growing next generation idea which allows members to play a role in the brand's expansion, going beyond the simple idea of limiting your role to buying our clothing. Our brand will be run and influenced by our members, making our clothing truly designed by and for you.

When the release occurs, 50 tokens will be released. Getting your hands on a token will allow you the following benefits:

  1. Within token purchase, you will be added to a moderated community with the other members where you will be allowed to engage and meet other investors. Design team members from DAREDVL will organize and lead discussion regarding the design and release of a new collection of clothing, fueled by your input as a member.
  2. Once the design is approved, members will receive the designed items in real life at a largely discounted rate. In addition, holding a token gives the members a lifetime 20% discount to any other items within the store.
  3. The founders club will offer exclusive product giveaways and other item releases, only available to its members. The members will also be allowed to meet the brand's athletes in its private community, and engage with the brand's upper leadership.
  4. Over time, profits from the item sales will increase the value of DAREDVL's marketing campaigns, drawing increasing attention to the brand. The digital founders' club tokens will serve as Non-Fungible tokens (NFTs) which can be resold as collectors items for a profit, likely increasing in value over time.
  5. While most NFT tokens can only be bought using cryptocurrency such as Ethereum or Solana, our tokens can be bought in store using USD or other standard currencies, taking the confusion out of the NFT process. You will be walked through in detail how to claim and hold your token as well following your purchase.
  6. The token itself serves as an investment in the brand. As with other investments, the goal is to increase in value. DAREDVL will work to increase your investment and grow with you as a holding member over time, benefitting everyone in the end. Along with holding your investment token, and being a part of an exclusive inner community, you will help guide the future of a company paving the way in the athletic community. 

If you are interested in learning more and engaging with other interested investors, join our growing community here

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We will be releasing NFTs to found individual collections that After mint those who are holding the NFTs and verified through our community will be added to a group that will be working on designing a collection together, which will be finalized and released in guidance by our team.

Those that are quick to mint and own our NFTs will receive access to the following and more:


The majority of companies/projects are running 8,000 to up to 30,000 NFTs, creating a very difficult process in raising the floor price and increasing your investment value.

Our project is limited to 50 NFTs per release, almost guaranteeing a quick turnaround with low supply and higher demand.

Holding the token will allow you a discount code off all DAREDVL items. This can only be used by those who have NFTs and will never go away.

Ownership of the token will allow you to have a stake in designing and founding a collection in our site as a community that will be there to last.


You will be entered automatically for giveaways to include items such as MONEY, FUTURE NFTS, CLOTHING, DISCOUNTS, OR OTHER UNIQUE ITEMS.

We will be announcing further benefits for holders, this is not the maximum list of benefits gained. Stay tuned for more updates.